October 6, 2022

The Smugglers are very proud to announce that Lava Socks Records is releasing our fan-favourite 1993 album "In the Hall of Fame" on double gold vinyl with a newly designed gatefold jacket and liner notes, on Friday November 4th, 2022, in advance of the album's 30th anniversary! This is the only Smugglers album to never get a vinyl release. Until now.

To celebrate, the Smugglers have also released a brand new video for our classic song "Rock 'n' Roll Was Never This Fun", featuring live footage from Smugglers tours in the early 1990s.

“It kind of blows my mind that this album is finally coming out on vinyl thirty years after its CD-only release,” muses Smugglers lead singer Grant Lawrence. “And on double-gate-fold gold vinyl too!”

The album includes fan favourites like "Fun In The USA", "Your Mom's The Devil", "Alan Thicke", "Rock 'n' Roll Was Never This Fun", "Flying Buttress of Love" and many others.

“When Lavasocks Records offered to do this reissue, we were thrilled! “In The Hall of Fame” is the only Smugglers album to not get a vinyl release when it first came out. It was awesome to get our old team of trusted and talented friends back together for this: Chris Imlay from the Hi-Fives helped touch up Neko Case’s original cover design and did all the other graphics and artwork, and producer Mass Giorgini (Green Day, Screeching Weasel, Anti-Flag) remastered the entire record, and it sounds HOT!”

Pre-order the deluxe double gold vinyl re-issue of "In The Hall Of Fame" here.


Formed when most of the members were still in high school in West Vancouver BC Canada, The Smugglers came of age during the grunge explosion, and came into their own in the pop-punk heyday of the mid-1990s while on Mint Records in their native land, and Lookout Records in the USA.

Releasing eight albums over the years of 1988-2004, the band’s booze-fuelled, sweaty, and famously energetic garage rock shows (complete with dancing and kissing contests) took them across Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Along the way, the “Canadian Ambassadors of Rock ‘n’ Roll” collided with the Gruesomes, the Donnas, the Hives, Mudhoney, the Young Fresh Fellows, the Queers, Supersnazz, Fugazi, the Dwarves, thee Headcoats, the Mr. T Experience, the Mummies and many more. After a 13 year break, 2017 marked the return of the Smugglers in conjunction with lead singer Grant Lawrence’s award-winning book Dirty Windshields: the best and the worst of the Smugglers tour diaries and a string of select reunion shows in Berkeley, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon, and Seattle.

Current Members

Grant Lawrence – voice
David Carswell – guitar, vocals
Nick Thomas – guitar, vocals
Beez – bass, vocals
Graham Watson – drums

Past Members

Paul Preminger – drums
Bryce Dunn – drums
Adam Woodall – harmonica
John Collins – bass
Danny Fazio – drums


 There are currently no further shows scheduled… but never say never… the Smugglers’ offspring (nine kids!) have still yet to see their dads rock out…



music available from

Mint Records



music available from Lavasocks Records, Mint Records, BandcampSpotify, and iTunes

2022  In The Hall of Fame – All Time Great Golds 30th anniversary gatefold vinyl reissue double LP – Lavasocks Records (USA)

2017  Dirty Windshields – The Soundtrack: The Best of the Smugglers – Mint Records
(Canada – digital release only)

2004  Mutiny in Stereo LP/CD – Mint / Lookout / Screaming Apple (Canada / USA / Germany)

2002  “Useless Rocker” 7″ picture disc – Supersonicrefridge Records (Italy)

2001  Smugglers / Mach Pelican split 7″ – Corduroy Records (Australia)

2000  Rosie – LP/CD – Mint / Lookout (Canada / USA)

1998  Growing Up Smuggler – A Ten Year Anniversary Live Album – LP/CD – Mint / Lookout /
Imposible / 1+2 (Canada / USA / Spain / Japan)

1997  Buddy Holly Convention – 7″/ CD EP – Mint / Lookout (Canada / USA)

1996  Selling the Sizzle – LP/CD – Mint / Lookout (Canada / USA)

1996  Summer Games – 7″/CD EP – Mint / Lookout (Canada / USA) [split w/Hi-Fives]

1995  Señor Pantsdown – 7″ EP – Rock and Roll Inc. (Spain)

1995  Whiplash! – 7″ – 1+2 (Japan)

1995  Talkin’ ‘Bout You – 7″ – Pin Up (Germany)

1994  Party Party Party Pooper! – 7″ EP – Mint (Canada)

1994  Wet Pants Club – LP/CD – Radiation (Spain)

1994  Gotta Gotta Gotta – 7″ – For Monsters (Italy) [split w/ the Hoods]

1994  Tattoo Dave – 7″ – Top Drawer (USA) [split w/ Bum]

1993  In the Hall of Fame – All Time Great Golds – CD – PopLlama (USA)

1992  At Germany – 7″ – Screaming Apple (Germany)

1992  Atlanta Whiskey Flats – LP – PopLlama (USA)

1991  At Marineland – 10″ LP – Nardwuar (Canada)

1990  Up and Down – 7″ – Nardwuar

Smugglers tracks on compilations

2004  “Lonely Christmas” on It’s a Team Mint Christmas Volume 2 – Mint

2003  “Larry Where Are You” on Lookout Freakout 3 – Lookout

2001  “Buddy Holly Convention”, “Rosie”, “Rock n’ Roll Was Never This Fun” on Team Mint 2 – Mint

2000  “Flying Buttress Of Love” on Lookout! Freakout – CD – Lookout

2000  “Alan Thicke” on My So Called Punk Rock Life – CD – Melted

1997  “Rock ‘n’ Roll Was Never This Fun” on All Punk Rods Gearhead magazine LP/CD – Gearhead / Lookout

1997  “Cans Of Love” on You’re Only As Good As The Last Thing You Did CD – Lookout

1997  “Keep On” and “Rock With The Smugglers Tonight!” on More Bounce To The Ounce” LP/CD – Lookout

1996  “Especially You” and “Elite Manilla” on Heide Sez CD – Lookout

1996  “To Serve, Protect And Entertain”, “She Ain’t No Egyptian” and “Barkerville” on Team Mint CD -Mint

1996  “She’s A Runaround” on Here Comes The Summer:  A Tribute To The Undertones – CD/LP – Squaretarget

1996  “B.A.B.E.” on En Guard For Thee – CD – Au Go Go

1995  “What Do You Want Me To Do” on Oh Canaduh – CD/LP – Lance Rock

1995  “Stop! Look! Listen!” on Skookum Chief Powered Teenaged Zit Rock Angst – CD/LP – Nardwuar

1995  “Amnesia” on 13 Soda Punx – CD/LP – Top Drawer / Munster

1995  “Supercar” on R.A.F.R. – CD – RAFR / Flipside

1995  “What’d I Do Wrong” on Upsalapalooza – CD – WMFU Records

1992  “Shes Got Everything” on Clam Chowder and Ice Versus Big Macs and Bombers – LP – Nardwuar

1989  “Revenge” on Oh God, My Moms On Channel Ten! – LP – Nardwuar






“Rock n Roll Was Never This Fun” from “In the Hall of Fame” (LavaSocks Records, 2022 – reissue)

“Rosie” from “Rosie” (Mint / Lookout 2000)

“Death At Disneyland” from “Rosie” (Mint / Lookout 2000)

“Especially You” from “Selling the Sizzle” (Mint / Lookout 1996)

“Vancouver B.C.” from “In The Hall of Fame” (Popllama 1993)

“Shot Down” (1988)

“Rock n Roll Was Never This Fun” – full-length concert film / documentary by Mike Weiss shot in and around the New York area (1994)