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'Rosie' really gets around. Just ask Joe Peacock in Ireland!

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Need a reason to hit your friend, come on down to Nick and Grant's Weekly Hockey Game!  Queen Elizabeth Park, Sundays, 11:00amPhoto:   Summer  2000

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Nick and long time Smuggler friend, Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows and currently REM fame in Seattle, after singing Talkin' 'bout you, May, 2000.


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Beez and Russell (Phantom Surfers) discuss what happened to his 'goddamn royalty cheque' from their Mummies tour together.   Seattle, May 2000.

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Bill Baker from Mint and Rose 'Rosie' Melberg on their homestead in Summerland, BC.


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Grant wins the 'most chins on an animal' competion. May 2000. (in second place is IndianaJonesLuke Skywalker.  Picture taken at the Vice President of the Starbuck's Empire)


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From left to right:  John Denery, Kurt Bloch, Kepi, Kurt's girlfriend (sorry) and Amy from the Ghoulies post show, Seattle, May 2000



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Jeffy, Dave, Joan Jett and Nick hang out after our New York show TOGETHER on St. Patrick's Day 2000. Nick smooched her right after this photo was taken!

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Nashville Pussy visit the Smugglers backstage in Atlanta, 2000.

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Dave, Graham, Nick, Dean Haglund of "The X-Files", Beez, Joel, Donna R, Los Angeles 2000.

Danko Jones rocking with the Smugglers at the Horseshoe, Toronto, Feb 00

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Your Smugglers, Graham, Dave, Grant and Nick (Beez taking photo) enjoying a round of putt putt at the Lookout Freakout, Aug. 99


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Dave researching new ways to cover the "Smuggler Stink"

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Grant with recently shamed ex-WWF wrestler "Playboy" Buddy Rose in Portland OR.

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Donna R donning Beez' glasses, discovering what it feels like to look like a total geek.

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Nick, Grant, Jay Leno, Ronnie Barnett, Lisa Marr

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Whoa! Joel from MTX/Plus Ones cashing in a Smugglers Smooch Buck!

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This is "Punk Rawk Stacy" from Thunder Bay Ontario with Grant. Congrats on that shit-hot Smugglers tattoo, Stacy!!


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Smugglers old press photo, taken backstage at 1st Street Music Hall, Minneapolis, after a show with the Flat Duo Jets in 1992.   Spot the Bryce!


If you are in the Smuggler's Dance Contest Winners elite club, you may find a picture of yourself here!!