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The Smugglers new album “MUTINY IN STEREO” will be available for purchase on Tuesday March 9, 2004. “Mutiny In Stereo” will be available on CD in Canada through Mint Records, and everywhere else through Lookout Records. “Mutiny In Stereo” will be available everywhere on vinyl through Screaming Apple Records. The Smugglers also have seven other albums for sale on vinyl and CD, plus a myriad of singles, compilations, videos, buttons, t-shirts, stickers and more. Recently released through Lookout was a DVD called “Tune In, Turn On, Lookout!” which features two Smugglers videos and our one hour documentary called “At Japan!” Depending on where you live, go to the links listed below and shop some Smugs rock!

If you live in the States,


If  you live in Canada or outside of North America OR if you're interested in any singles, comps, videos etc. proceed directly to...



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