Let's face it. The Smugglers are a handsome bunch. Whether it be Beez' cherubic mug, Dave's lily white ass, Nick's bulging biceps, Graham's chiseled profile or Grant's hairy ears, these guys are hot-lookin'. Below is lots of photographic proof.

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Smugglers Nick and Grant with their fellow Flying V's at 2004's Exclaim Cup in Toronto


Excuse our French.  Three Smugs and a drummers forehead at Le Swimming in Montreal, March 2004.







Happy 75th anniversary to Grant's hero Tintin!!  That makes Grant three quarters Tintin's age by his watch.  Time to pitch that fake Rolex!






I hope it's OK that we stole this photo from Paul Clarke's website.  Thanks Paul!...and thanks to CC's cousin for given 'er and winning fair and square what looked like a fix at our 15th anniversary dance contest.




Smugs 15th 008.jpg (50899 bytes)

Three of the Smugs turn fifteen.  August 2003 at the Waldorf.


Leather Uppers.jpg (47514 bytes)

The Leather Uppers give the Smugglers a lesson at our 15th Anniversary show, August 2003.


Billy  Bragg.jpg (127315 bytes)

Star-leech Nick stumbles upon a relaxed Billy Bragg at the Vancouver Folk Festival in July, 2003.


wpe4.gif (99516 bytes)

Grant as the Pink Panther at the Flaming Lips Vancouver show.  This photo was taken just after he did the 'hump the green frog' dance.(?????)

wpe4.gif (98461 bytes)

Beez:  New Year's, 2003.  Thanks Frank and Heather in New York for the photos


Valentines Day in Valence (184964 bytes)

This just in!!  Valentines day #2 in Valence France, 2001.  Thanks Gilles!


Hives hockey w the whole gang.jpg (167754 bytes)

We still managed to smile after the embarrassing ass-whooping the Hives gave us. We'll see how good they are without their 'Easton' sponsorship. (May 2002)


Stanley.jpg (122753 bytes)

Nick, with visions of a Canucks' Victory, at the Hockey Hall of Fame in March.


Resize Wizard-1.jpg (28205 bytes)

Grant, Elijah Wood and Franka Potente at the recording of Radiosonic, co-hosted by Elijah himself.  Which one is the Hobbit?


Skeletonnes.jpg (61912 bytes)

Hallowe'en 2001 saw the Smugglers strip it down to the bare bones for old friend Jeffy McCloy's wedding!


picture disk.jpg (387624 bytes)

Here's the Eh-Side of the brand new Smugglers Picture Disk (at long last we finally have it!!)


Pelle.jpg (154735 bytes)

Howlin' Pelle Almqvist of the Hives


Hives and Wives.jpg (134886 bytes)

The Hives with the wives:  Vancouver, December 2001



Lots more fresh Gallery Pics  to coming soon!!!!  Stay tuned!