Dance Contest Winners Photo Gallery

Smugs 15th anniversary Dance Contest Winner!  It's a fix!  That's CC's cousin



Vancouver 2002/2003 New Year's Show

Nairn_New Years 2002 Smugglers 1.bmp (651222 bytes)

Ontario 2002

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Ottawa is a mighty fine town, and so are its dancers!


Ass Shakers of the Prairies in the year 2001

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Winnepeg Dance Contest Winner  with some Smugglers, Duotang and friends.

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Saskatoon Winners!!  Controversy as boyfriend looks on from background!


Some winners of the Pacific Rim Job tour- you know who you are!!


prize_1.JPG (78764 bytes)

Winner, Adelaide, Australia, May 00


prize 2.jpg (74263 bytes)

Winner, Hamilton, New Zealand, May 00


prize_3.JPG (54907 bytes)

Winner, Devonport, New Zealand, May 00



Here's some of the fresh faced winners from our US tour with the Donnas!


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Lawrence Kansas winner



a.jpg (205121 bytes)

Salt Lake City winners.



c.jpg (235799 bytes)

Controversy strikes Albuquerque as trophies were bought and sold behind our backs (note two trophies in this photo).


d.jpg (139100 bytes)

Atlanta winner.



f.jpg (175781 bytes)

Green Bay winner, fresh back from spring break in Cancun!


g.jpg (126884 bytes)

A farming couple from South Dakota who drove in to see the show in Minneapolis. They were also awared a broken snare drum head signed by all three members of the Plus Ones.


h.jpg (115984 bytes)

Harmony from Chicago, who drove down with friends to see the show in St. Louis and won!

.....Show me some from the past, please!