Hey folks. There's a number of ways to get a hold of us, whether you want to do an interview, or book a show, buy a record, just make a comment or ask a question. Below are all the different places to correctly channel your queries. Cha cha!

Booking shows:

In Canada/ general world touring inquires ("when will you play my town" etc):

Grant Lawrence, gtwelve@aol.com


Margie Alban, Do It Booking, doitbk@aol.com

      or check out her website www.doitbooking.com

In Europe: Hans Von Seydlitz, Slavetraders Booking, fax 011-31-20-49-45-323

Anywhere else, contact Grant!


In Canada:

Yvette Ray, Mint Records, mintyvette@aol.com

In USA/ world: 

Tristin Laughter, Lookout Records, tristin@lkout.com

Merchandise questions:

In Canada:

Mint Records, www.mintrecs.com, or mintrecs@direct.ca

In USA/world:, Lookout Records, www.lookoutrecords.com

Licensing Smugglers music:

In Canada: Bill Baker, Mint Records, bbaker@img.net

In USA / world: Molly Neuman, Lookout Records, molly@lkout.com

Questions about this web site or any other Smugglers-related questions, sexuality tips or "advice":

Grant Lawrence, gtwelve@aol.com

The Smugglers

2874 Bellevue Ave

West Vancouver BC

Canada V7V 1E8

Mint Records

POB 3613 MPO

Vancouver BC

Canada V6B 3Y6

Lookout Records

POB 11374

Berkeley CA

USA 94712-2374

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